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Stronglift 5x5 is a simple yet effective workout that is guaranteed to help users develop stronger muscles quicker than other workouts. Thousands of various users have used this system to change both their bodies and their lives. With just three workouts per week at 45 minutes each, anyone can implement this program into their workout routine. Stronglift 5x5 has a different goal than many other bodybuilding workouts avaialable. Most want you to get pumped up and then sore to get results. Stronglift 5x5 slowly increase the amount of weight you use, which gets faster results with less pain. There are five free weight exercises to accomplish during the sessions: the Barbell Row, Squat, Deadlift, Bench Press and Overhead Press. These five weightlifting exercises will have you stronger in no time, with less time working out. Don’t deal with constant sore and achy muscles-try this easy yet effective technique today.