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For people who have multiple bank accounts and have trouble keeping up with their finances, Level Money is a beneficial finance app. It lets you know how much money you can spend in the month and how much you have remaining as spendable. This saves you time on calculating if you can afford a certain item or eating out. In Level Money, you can set a savings goal which is taken into consideration for how much you have spendable each month. This finance app also enables you to create custom trackers that can be used to monitor how much you spend on a certain good or service. You can then view this information on a monthly basis to detect spending habits and room for cutting spending. Level Money is safe to use; they have the same level of encryption as other banks and financial institutions. They never have access to your money either. The app can't transfer or withdraw money from your accounts. Level Money only helps you control your finances. But they still have 128-bit encryption to protect your financial privacy.